Kevin Meichtry

Kevin Meichtry



Linkedin: in/KevinMeichtry
Address: Portland, OR


B.S. Mechanical Engineering
Portland state university
December 2017


I’m a Mechanical Engineer, a tinkerer, and a tech enthusiast. I want to make an impact on the world through my passion for engineering, technology, and design. I am currently looking for new opportunities in the Portland Area. I am especially interested in opportunities that allow me to expand on my areas of focus during my education such as: automation, robotics, design, and consumer electronics. Throughout both my industry and educational experience, I have shown time and time again that I can be a versatile asset to an engineering team and play a key role in ensuring that my team delivers. 


Work Experience

Support Engineer

Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing

Hewlett Packard

07/2018 - Present

New Product Introduction and Support Team Development for HP’s new MJF 3D Printer product line; Collaborate with R&D to manage cases and support issues escalated by Field Service Engineers; When necessary, operate as FSE to provide on-site support to install, modify, and repair units; Document issues and solutions for continuous improvement on Troubleshooting Guide and Service Manual; Developed action plans for technical troubleshooting in cooperation with R&D for the FSE team to execute in the field; Managed team tasks, deliverables, and deadlines as the interface between Customer Assurance and R&D; Submitted, managed, and reviewed Engineering Change Requests between Level 3 support and R&D; Print optimization support including part quality improvement, packing, part geometry, and printer configuration; Diagnostic log analysis to determine symptoms, anomalies, and root cause; Field data acquisition for troubleshooting and root cause analysis; Developed a Customer Escalation and Case Management Tool for team use.

Project Manager

Columbia Industries

09/2011 - 09/2014

Managed customer communication, deliverables, and technical support for an international contract valued at $21MM; Traveled to China frequently to provide project technical support, oversee redline drawings, conduct field measurements & analysis, review & qualify quality documentation, and direct technical meetings; Navigated intercultural communication daily between American, Chinese, and Middle Eastern stakeholders operating on multiple time zones and with varying working days; Produced design packages, coordinated manufacturing efforts, and reviewed QMS compliance with Chinese sub-contractor; Performed root cause analysis and contingency plan implementation on quality defects; Managed and supported Columbia field support representatives & acted as chief engineering point of contact; Specified and coordinated installation operations at customer's site in participation with Chinese project manager; Collaboratively solved technical support issues both remotely and in the field, coordinating communication between headquarters-based engineers and field service technicians; Synthesized data to improve on future products based on field experience and customer feedback.

Mechanical designer

Columbia Industries

09/2011 - 09/2014

Led drafting efforts on several heavy lift, specialized moving system projects, including wheeled and walking systems; Created and managed top-level design packages with hundreds of drawings and thousands of components; Collaborated with engineers on product ideation, concepting, design, prototyping, and product line implementation; Developed product documentation, including user and maintenance manuals; Implemented and improved departmental CAD/PDM standards, processes, and related training materials; Performed drafter training for new-hires and led a weekly meeting for CAD management and continuous improvement; Evaluated CAD/PDM software and conducted ROI study for “paperless” shop implementation; Provided engineering input into product literature, marketing collateral, and customer-facing documentation; Created and maintained part numbers in EPICOR ERP system.


internship Experience



04/2015 - 01/2016

Developed 3D models, engineering drawings, and product documentation; Reverse engineered existing facility equipment through measurement, determining design intent, and modeling in CAD; Updated legacy design packages to current standards, including 2D to 3D conversion and new drawing packages; Devised a modular investment casting flask system to reduce production time and increase the fab team’s autonomy; Created Excel tool to perform calculations on modular flask system which included a broad array of flask geometries; Researched and evaluated upgrade to antiquated sand slinger equipment with modern control hardware; Designed facilities improvements in compliance with OSHA requirements, including a staircase and man ladder.



CAPSTONE PROJECT | Automated Button Press Cycle Tester

My capstone project team and I designed and built a button pressing test machine with two automated axes (X & Y), one manually adjustable axis (Z), and a button pressing actuator capable of dynamic force control and tens of millions of test cycles. I acted as Project Manager, CAD Lead, and End Effector Subsystem Lead. This subsystem’s lead role included research, design, sourcing, analysis, and fabrication of the button pressing actuator, human finger simulant, and housing.



Senior Project | Robotic arm retrofit & control software

My senior project team and I retrofitted an antiquated industrial robot with new electronics, hardware, and control software. I contributed to the project as lead software developer and project manager. Using Visual Basic, I developed an application to control the robotic arm through a touch screen teach pendant. I used microcontrollers to interface between the computer and the robot.



Passion Project | Automated pill dispenser concept

A fellow ME student and I worked on an entrepreneurial product design concept for an internet connected medication management system including a smart pill dispenser and a companion app for medication and symptom tracking. We have come up with several possible designs, created CAD assemblies, built prototypes, developed UI mock-ups, and researched what it would take to bring such a device to market. It was an extremely valuable design exercise and a great way to gain additional interdisciplinary experience combining mechanical design with electrical and software engineering.






CAD Autodesk Inventor, SolidWorks, Creo / Pro E, AutoCAD, Macro Automation

Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, VBA Macros, Visual Studio

Programming MATLAB, R, Visual Basic / VBA

Other Epicor ERP, Multicultural Oral & Written Communication



Automation, Manufacturing, & Electronics

Mechatronics, Rapid Prototyping, Electronic Packaging, Programming, Circuits, Mfg Processes

Design, Innovation, & Entrepreneurship

Parametric Modeling, Machine Design, Design Thinking, Intro to Entrepreneurship


Consumer Tech, Home Automation, Gadgets, 3D Printing, CryptoCurrency Mining, Building PCs, DIY Electronics, Podcasts, Gaming, Playing Music